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As of 2/15/21, Opening Day Dock 0 has been canceled but the parade is still in question.

Still need a bunch of Cruise Captains
 for upcoming cruises. 
once you do you'll see how much fun it can be!!


Port of Kingston

Port of Kingston Cruise 2021
March 5-7

We didn't have much interest in going to Kingston last December.  Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe the weather, maybe a midweek cruise in the middle of the busiest season of the year, who knows....
But we're going to try it again this March!

The dock is right downtown on the waterfront near the Edmonds Ferry landing.  There could be local music and choices for food right up the street from the marina.  We'll have to see what the SafeStart restrictions are just then.

For this Cruise, you will need to contact the marina at 
360-297-3545 and reserve a slip.  
The Fleet Captain and the marina will jointly generate a docking plan for this cruise.

You'll also need to register for a slip when you sign-up for the cruise on the website.  Otherwise we won't know if you are coming by boat or driving in!

You'll again notice that there are no cruise fees charged when you sign up for this cruise.  This is a continuation of waiting until the end of the cruise when all expenses are known to set the fees.

As with so many of our plans this season, details for the cruise won't be finalized until we are closer to the date and we see what is happening with local covid-19 restrictions.

Drive-ins for Saturday are welcome! 
You MUST register if you are driving in.

Cruise Captain
Please notice that there are no current Cruise Captains listed.  We're looking for a couple of members to help put together the best cruise possible! 
Ideally we'd like to get four people to volunteer, two who have been Cruise Captains before, and two new to the experience.
Please give me a call!

Fleet Captain
Jim  Nixon

Fleet Captain

Our monthly cruises offer a great time to have fun with friends and visit interesting locations throughout Puget Sound.  GHYC hosts monthly cruises from September through June.  There is even the occasional impromptu informal cruise where members gather at a favorite marina or drop the hook and raft up at a favorite anchorage. 

Cruise Captains and their Assistant Captains plan the scheduled cruises and ensure that members are aware of available activities and attractions.  The Fleet Captain takes care of the moorage planning, leaving the Cruise Hosts to plan all the fun! 

Even when the weather is less than perfect, a good time is virtually guaranteed.  

The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically altered our cruising in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021.  Masking protocol, social distancing, and limited social gathering requirements have changed the nature of cruising as we adapt to the "new normal" in social behavior.  Within those guidelines though, our Cruise Captains are only limited by their creativity and ingenuity to develop new alternative activities to keep their fellow cruisers interested and excited.  How creative can you be?  Come and join us!

Going forward, I'd like to try to get at least four members to volunteer as Cruise Captains for each cruise, two with prior experience and two not necessarily with any.  This should minimize any anxiety on the part of newbies and will hopefully get more people interested and involved.  We have an extensive group of experienced people, let's help them extend their knowledge to those with less!

Be sure to check out the cruises using the links on the Cruise Calendar on this page.